A lively debate caucus from the 1960’s

A challenge from the floor of the Conservative Party’s debate hall; since 2008, the Party has held caucuses in its dedicated space on Temple Street

Conservative Party debate caucuses are held weekly in the Conservative Party debate hall commencing at half past seven o’clock post meridiem and proceeding late into the evening. Each debate thoroughly explores a resolution related to political philosophy, religion, history, ethics and aesthetics. The caucus is structured in a traditional format derived from Robert’s Rules of Order as well as English parliamentary procedure. Samples of past debate resolutions are listed below. For information about upcoming debate caucuses, contact the .


Resolved, That The Ends Justify The Means

Resolved, That Self-Interest Is A Virtue

Resolved, That Solitude Is The School Of Genius (—Edward Gibbon)

Resolved, That Ignorance Is Bliss

Resolved, That Man Is The Measure Of All Things (—Pico della Mirandola)

Resolved, That The Best Is The Enemy Of The Good (—Voltaire)

Resolved, That Ours Is Not To Reason Why (—Tennyson)

Resolved, That Without Law There Is No Justice

Resolved, That It Is Better To Be Feared Than Loved

Political Philosophy

Resolved, That The American Revolution Was Conservative

Resolved, That Extremism In The Defense Of Liberty Is No Vice (—Goldwater)

Resolved, That Happiness Is The End Of Government (—John Adams)

Resolved, That Man Is Born Free, And Everywhere He Is In Chains (—Rousseau)

Resolved, That The State Should Be A Moral Agent

Resolved, That The Free Market Is Unjust

Resolved, That Liberty Is The Enemy Of Virtue

Resolved, That Life Is Worth More Than Liberty

Resolved, That There Is No Such Thing As A Just War


Resolved, That The History Of The World Is The Progress Of Freedom (—Hegel)

Resolved, That The Age Of Chivalry Is Gone (—Edmund Burke)

Resolved, That The Sun Is Setting In The West

Resolved, That Civilizations Are Only Great Because They Are Good


Resolved, That Reason Is The Greatest Enemy of Faith (—Martin Luther)

Resolved, That Morality Can Only Come From God

Resolved, That Man Is A Religious Animal (—Edmund Burke)

Resolved, That The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil (—Timothy 6:10)

Culture & The Arts

Resolved, That It Is Art That Makes Life (—Henry James)

Resolved, That The True Artist Needs No Audience

Resolved, That Everything Has Been Thought And Said By Man

Resolved, That Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder